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The program is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. The program is called Freedom in J.O.Y., and that simply means joy is in overcoming yourself. Joy is loving your best self. I will have 15 books total. It will be mostly about self-compassion, self-love, radical acceptance, grief, loss, and distress tolerance. I will be teaching you how to find your own joy in life. Every eBook will be packed with valuable information based on research and my own personal experiences.

Straight Facts

1) Self-compassion is giving yourself the grace needed to respect your feelings and find a way to accept them. 

2) Radical acceptance is embracing your emotions and finding a way to accept what has happened in your life.

3) Distress tolerance is finding a way to put the needed skills in place for when you feel like you are in a state of confusion, chaos, or crisis.

4) Self-love is being able to love every part of who you are, even the flaws, because there are pros and cons to every part of your personality. accepting those cons and turning them into a positive is crucial to self-love. 

5) Grief and loss often go together and are experienced differently for every person. If you can put the necessary skills I have listed above into practice then your journey with loss or grief will improve over time. I can't answer how much time that will take for you, because no one has the same journey through it as another. I am only here to help you process and move forward. 


My goal is to have a new podcast every Monday, a blog post on Wednesday, and a freebie (worksheet, image, or mind map) on Friday. Please keep in mind that it may change at times, but I will have lots of free content and information for you to build those skills needed to find joy and acceptance in your own life.